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We have a wide selection of arts and crafts made by First Nation people from all points of Canada.

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All prices in Canadian funds.

Iroquois Masks Quill, Birch Bark and Split Ash West Coast Masks 

Canoes  Prints  Moccasins, Mukluks and Mitts



Pipes and Clappers  Brass Trade Pipes  Ceinture Flèchée 





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Knife & Beaded Sheath,

By  Michel Germain, Montagnais     

11"x 4", without fringe     $650.00  CDN.  






A Selection of Tamarack Geese

Cree,   James Bay, Quebec

From $20.00 to $250.00    CDN.


Birch Bark Bitings

 From $72.00 to $300.00    CDN.

Moose Hair Tufting


From $63.00 to $250.00    CDN.

A Selection of Dream Catchers

 From $5.50 to $150.00    CDN.